Sri Jihveshwara

Bhagwan Sri Jihveshwara
Except Omkar Swarop parabramha, everything on this earth  was shunya. Thru the Supreme tejas of Parabramha “adimaya” took birth. Upon instructions from para bramha, the adimaya created Vishnu from her satvaguna and Bramha from Rajoguna,and Maheswar from Tamoguna. She entrusted the responsibility of creation to Bramha,and to ruling by Vishnu and for destruction by Maheswar. Devas and the Manvas were living and travelling nude. In the advent of the nature’s heat and cold waves the awareness of protection  from such extremeties led to wearing of the Leaves, skin, wooden barks etc  around them for covering their bodies. As time passed    there was an  increase of natural intelligence in them, Hence weaving of cloth from the trees yarn, barks etc  was created by them. Hence ADIMAYA requested SHIVA to create a Punya Purusha who can weave exquisite clothes. Upon instructions from ADIMAYA, SHIVA created a child form his tongue (JIHVE) in Shravan Masa, Trayodashi, early morning on Monday. The naming ceremony was performed in great pomp  at Kailas. The boy was named SALI to assist everybody in weaving the cloth. Godess Parvati named his kula as SWAKULA for promoting in the mankind. As the child was born thru the tongue of Shiva, Godess Parvati named him as “JIHVESHWARA”. Also  the child was born at the time of Sun rise , hence his Gotra was named as SURYAVAMSHI GOTRA.
After attaining the youthood the boy intends to start the job of weaving. ADIMAYA and the TRIMOORTHIES instructs all the 33 crore devathas to bless him with all powers. 
The secrets of Siva’ Creation  and human reproduction, Nectars of the Life& death’s  secret chambers, Serving  of Sadhus and Divya Yogis”- These were some of  the topics being preached by Sri Jiveshwara  to his bhaktas.
Sri JIHVESHWARA’s  grand wedding takes place in Magha Masa ,Shuddha Dwadasi-Somawara with ANKINI created by Bramha and DASHANKINI created by Saraswathi. With the divine blessings of Shiva , Ankini gives birth to 4 children namely Lomaharshi, Chandrakanath, Kshetrapala,and Parasnatha.  Similarly Dashankini gives birth to 6 children namely Kailasabhuvana, Sanathana, Bhaktibanuja, Parvakala, Dayasagara, and Archana nirdhara.  
Matha Ankini Devi, Sri Jihveshwar, Matha Dashankini Devi
Subhanu the King of Malava  accompanied with Kailasabhuvana to a city named Satyavathi. He settles there and starts weaving the cloth, he is named and prospered as AHERSALI Community. 
The King of Bhaglana, Chitravrutti deeply prays for Vishnu and accompanies Sanathana with him to his kingdom. He continues to weave the cloth under the name” Sanathan Sali” and promotes his community. 
Jiveshwara’s children and grand children continues to weave cloth as their profession and were known by the name” Ahersali, Bhangad Sali or Sanathan Sali” – All these Community originally belongs to SWAKULA SALI.
 Jiveshwara Swamy along with his mother Paravathi and also Shiva came to Kasi and as desired by Jihveshwara he was blessed as  Sanyasi, He wore the orange robes and got the power of  Bhairava. Shiva Parvati blessed him and instructed of being worshipped  as Jiveshwara from the people and since was named as KALABHAIRAVA. 
Under the blessings of Shiva the Varunaraja constructs a beautiful temple on the banks of Ganga river. This temple is being installed with the deities as Vishshweswara and Vishalaksmi whom are the other forms of Godess  Shiva and Parvathi.  GOGHUT a place near Kashi, where KALABHAIRAV was receiving the daily poojas from Swakula Sali  people.Also the temple of Bhagwan Sri Jiveshwara – the head of Swakula Sali tribe is situated here.
This article and the writings on Sri Jiveshwara -  are offered to the people of the  Swakula Sali community.We pray to Sri Jiveshwara to bless us with good education,Peace and prosperity.